Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I am proud to say that the Velick Family has come a long, long way in three years. We have been on planes, trains and automobiles. We have figured out the exact package of peanut butter we can take on a plane without it getting confiscated. We know how to stock up on easy, healthy snacks where we might not be able to find food to eat: a concert, a movie theater, a train ride up Pikes Peak! And we have figured out how to stock a huge cooler and drive to California in 16 hours with only a few stops to use the restrooms and get gas. We even ventured on an 8 day cruise to Alaska without starving to death. Put in any situation, I have come up with strategies to make a trip successful. And to me, successful means good food that will give us energy to enjoy ourselves and smiling faces because ‘our food’ is BETTER than anything we might be missing out on! I hope, in the last 2 years, I have inspired a couple of people to maybe try this ‘Gluten Free Living’ thing. But for many, it is a big open void of darkness. It is daunting and intimidating and overwhelming and it is SO much EASIER to pop a TUMS! Well, I am here to help, to give advice, to troubleshoot and to persuade you that this will be the best thing you ever did for yourself. But don’t do it for two weeks and expect results. I would go on the eating plan for at least 6 months. Start with you, start with ONE child, start somewhere. I promise you, you will not regret it. And if anything, you will be healthier for trying. I have heard people complain about the ‘expense’ of going gluten free. It is true, the food will cost more. But, I have three arguments for this. How much money do you spend at the doctor? How much money do you spend on prescription drugs? How much money do you spend on wasted food…food that you ate just to get it out of your fridge because you couldn’t stop eating it? Well, now you can use THAT money on food, really good food, food that will satisfy your mind, soul and tummy. I hope my previous articles have given you a starting ground. And I hope my upcoming articles leave you ‘hungry’ for more. Here are some tips from a mom who has been doing this for 4 people and one baby, for 3 years. Please stay tuned for my email article each week from my Blogsite at and write me if you would like to be on my email list.
Top 10 Strategies for going Gluten Free
1. Go ahead…binge, eat it all, get rid of the gluten from your house.
2. Make a list of what you CAN eat.
3. Call ahead.
4. Have references, such as gf books, websites, recipes, my articles.
5. Buy my list of flours from previous articles.
6. Think whole foods and less ingredients.
7. Always carry food with you wherever you go.
8. Stay Positive and stay focused.
9. Keep reading my articles.
10. Email me.
In honor of Thanksgiving and the month of November, which I think should be filled with orange foods, I have stumbled across Sweet Potato Pancakes. I got the idea when I went to a popular breakfast restaurant in Denver called Snooze. The waitress said that they could make any of their pancakes gluten free except the sweet potato pancakes. Well, the pancakes we ordered were delicious, but I am always up for a challenge…why couldn’t they make sweet potato pancakes gluten free? Well, I will show them!!! I made these for dinner one night, and my daughter had a friend over. They were under the impression that I had added orange food coloring to the pancake mix. I let them believe that for the first 8 pancakes that they ate, then I asked them to guess what my secret ingredient was. They had NO idea!!! These are a favorite dinner in our house and with the sweet potato and eggs and a salad on the side, I feel like everyone gets a healthy meal!
Sweet Potato Pancakes
1 small sweet potato
2 eggs
1 ½ c vanilla rice milk
¼ cup butter
1 ½ cup Bob’s Red Mill GF flour
3 ½ t baking powder
1 t salt
½ t nutmeg

Cook sweet potato in skin at 400 degrees for 45 minutes. Remove skin.
Mix all of the ingredients in a standing blender.
Pour ½ cup of mixture onto a 400 degree griddle.
Cook for 5 minutes per side.
Serve with maple syrup.

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