Shopping at Outside the Bread Box in CO Springs

We have been gluten free for almost 4 years now.  And as you know, I have done a billion science experiments in my kitchen, in an attempt to make the perfect foods for me and my family.  Foods that they will enjoy and hopefully make them not miss the old gluten varieties.  However, bread has always been a tricky one.  And as many breads as I have cranked out over the years, none can beat the breads made from the bakery in Colorado Springs Colorado called Outside the Bread Box.  Their breads have been heaven sent.  Not only do they make my girls happy and make them eat sandwiches that they had never eaten before, I can even get them to eat breads called Teff bread, Oat bread and even Montina bread, although their stand by is the Brown Rice Bread.  And not only that, but Outside of the Breadbox has other amazing products as well.  Things like graham crackers, graham cracker crumbs, croutons, cheddar crackers, parmesan crackers, pie crusts, hot dog buns, pies, pizza crusts and even cookies.  You can save a bundle if you go to their store and stock up.  All their products freeze great and usually last in my refrigerator until we eat them in about 6 months.  So stock up!  Here is their website for more information on hours, location and products.

And I could not talk about bread, without thinking about homemade grilled cheese sandwiches.  I make them with the Outside the Breadbox Brown Rice Bread and any cheese you want.  Lately we have been experimenting with mozzarella, gouda, parmesan, and even Diaya, which is a soy free, dairy free cheese that is perfect for people watching their dairy intake.  And of course, what goes better with grilled cheese sandwiches than homemade tomato soup.  Tomatoes are at their peak season from May through October, so start buying fresh tomatoes from your local Farmer’s Market.  With varieties such as Roma tomatoes, Plum tomatoes, Beefsteak tomatoes, Cherry tomatoes and Heirloom tomatoes, you are sure in for a flavorful and healthy treat.  Since the traditional tomato soups scare me a little bit, with all their high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and sodium, I like to make my own version of tomato soup that is gluten, soy, dairy AND HFCS free!  Please serve with the grilled cheese sandwich you just made from above.

Gluten Free, Soy Free, HFCS Free, Dairy Free Tomato Soup


1 ½ T Olive Oil

3 T amaranth flour

1 ½ cups rice milk

1 ½ cups Muir Glen Pizza Sauce

½ cup water

1 T honey

1 tsp pepper


Add all of the ingredients except the flour, in a medium sauce pan.

Bring to a low boil.

Slowly stir in the amaranth flour one tablespoon at a time.

Turn down and simmer while stirring for 10 to 15 minutes.

Serve warm with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich on the side.

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